We cannot deny how annoying it is, the feeling that you said something unfavorable or made a move that you did not intend to do.

Trust me, there is no person on this planet who has not experienced this feeling.

It is a normal thing.

The unusual thing is that you do not feel this feeling in such situations..but this does not prevent you from adopting some tricks in order to get out with face-saving from these embarrassing situations.

here’s 8 tricks to stop being awkward:

  1. Make it funny
  2. Crack the tension
  3. Busy yourself
  4. Conversation trick
  5. Be confident with your own
  6. Accept the other’s opinion
  7. People reading
  8. Don’t wait for others to notice you

And now let’s dive in..

1) Make it funny.

uncomfortable moments don’t have to be humiliating.

a social misfire might feel like the worst thing that’s ever taken place to you.

however, it’s not.

it just feels awkward since you treat each awkward moment like a personal failure.

you put a lot of pressure on yourself to prosper socially so you feel ravaged whenever you stop working.

if you want to stop being awkward take a lighter approach.

an awkward moment is not a huge failure, it’s not humiliating or pitiful, it’s a small error that everybody makes

instead of slamming yourself, try to make fun of it.

treat each uncomfortable minute like a funny story that you’ll tell later in life.

these moments are nothing but finding out experiences.

you have to screw up before you get better.

so alter your mindset towards awkwardness, take each awkward moment with a grain of salt.

it may seem like a catastrophe, but it’s simply a mistake. 😉

2) Crack the tension.

what can you do to crack the tension in the air?

compliments are underrated, if you want to make a genuine connection with somebody, be genuine and positive.

enhance their personality their appearance or their habits.

the key is the specificity.

that suggests the more specific you are the more significant that your compliment will be.

let’s state you see a complete stranger assist someone in need.

you could bond with this complete stranger by stating “hi it was amazing how you helped that guy”.

a compliment does 2 things:

initially, it wins them over, people like to hear appreciation and affirmation so a compliment gets you in their good graces.

Second, a compliment constructs a favorable bridge between you, it creates a faster connection.

why? well Because you’re boosting the other individual’s confidence you make them feel comfy around you.

when they feel comfortable the tension breaks and those awkward minutes simply melt away.

3) Busy yourself.

what do you do at celebrations and social events?

do you stand around wanting you could go home?

do you invest the whole night racking your brain?

if you feel lost in social settings, here’s a trick you can utilize to stop being uncomfortable

instead of roaming around a social event, be the host.

the host of any event has a lot to do, planning activities, refilling treats and beverages, keeping tabs on visitors.

hosting is a busy job but that may be exactly what you require.

you’re the most uncomfortable when you do not know what you’re supposed to do.

right you stand around waiting on something to happen you overthink and over examine and that makes you many times more awkward

so if you provide yourself something to do your thoughts will be inhabited, your brain will be busy, hosting
social interactions will be the least of your concerns, and you’ll approach strangers with self-confidence due to the fact that you’re too busy to care.

now as intimidating as it sounds, host a party or occasion of your own.

take an active function in your social life.

if you keep your mind inhabited you’ll socialize with confidence.

4) Conversation trick.

do you have a hard time to start discussions?

the beginning of a conversation is the hardest part.

it feels difficult to pull subjects out of thin air.

but what if you do not need to?

this trick provides you an all-purpose conversation starter

the next time you go to a gathering, make a declaration with your appearance.

use something insane and special, do not be afraid to look weird or bizarre, because those statement pieces make the very best conversation beginners.

if you’re using something weird people will ask you about it.

a strange item gives complete strangers a simple opportunity to engage with you

they’ll ask you where you got it or what it indicates, however no matter what they state, you’ve passed the very first obstruction.

you’ve begun talking and when you’ve made it that far, well, you made it 😉

5) Be confident with your own.

what do you do when you’re feeling insecure?

lots of people overcompensate.

they attempt to be confident but instead, they’re arrogant and self-obsessed.

they brag and increase their own ego thinking other individuals will respect their confidence

but this kind of self-confidence may drives people away.

pride and self-esteem are very important however they can push people away.

that’s why the best type of self-confidence is quiet confidence.

somebody with peaceful confidence values their concepts and viewpoints but they keep those ideas to themselves.

most people aren’t thinking about what you need to say even if it is interesting.

however, if someone takes an interest don’t hesitate to speak out.

inform your stories and share your experiences. Speak with confidence about your objectives and interests.

if you want to stop being awkward stay confident on the inside, however, reserved on the outside.

6) Accept the other’s opinion.

are you an awkward person?

many people do not know

if this seems like you, request a second opinion, consult a pal who sees you on a regular basis, and ask for their viewpoint.

emphasize that you want their truthful unabridged feedback.

you’re attempting to enhance, so a hypocrite viewpoint will not do you any favors.

you may not like what you hear but do not get protective.

if you want to stop being awkward, you require thick skin otherwise you’ll never alter.

if you believe you’re unique, you’re not

you might have blind spots that you didn’t understand existed, you might produce uncomfortable minutes by mishap.

a consultation may reveal your blind spots and help you alter for the better, however, you have to keep an open mind.

7) People reading.

checking out individuals isn’t easy it’s a complicated procedure that requires perseverance practice
and a sharp eye.

So what’s the very best method to practice?

take a seat in a public space and see individuals in your environment, look closely watch their body movement attempt to find out what’s going on in their lives.

if you’re at a dining establishment watch how two individuals eat together, are they good friends or a couple?, are they enjoying?

how can you tell?

now look at somebody walking down the streets, what state of mind are they in do they look, pleased, unfortunate, angry?

people-watching is an easy activity that you can do almost anywhere.

with adequate practice, you’ll comprehend intricate cues body language, and social signs.

you’ll get a much better read on the people around you.

that way you can mingle smoothly and naturally.

8) Don’t wait for others to notice you.

we want other people to like us, we want them to acknowledge and appreciate our specific strengths.

so we attempt to show them how fantastic we can be.

we give them our personalities hoping they’ll like what they see.

but this mindset makes you much more uncomfortable.

you’re attempting to please the expectations of others, expectations that don’t in fact exist.

let’s say you have a common sense of humor and you want people to like you, so you make jokes constantly.

you wish to show to everybody in the room that you’re a funny person.

however nobody anticipates you to be amusing, nobody needs you to captivate them.

so if you want to stop being awkward simply change your focus.

stop advertising your personality, rather, more than happy be comfortable be a favorable impact on the lives of others.

you could listen more and talk less.

you might give individuals your undistracted attention.

you might ask open-ended concerns and offer favorable support.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what specific techniques you utilize.

if people smile around you, well, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.


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